Arborvine opened its doors with a simple purpose . . . to provide diners with the freshest, locally sourced foods available. Today, that tradition continues as the network of local farms, fisherman and foragers that supply Arborvine is as strong as ever.  Whatever the season, it is this connection to the local harvest and the people behind it that has enabled Arborvine to fulfill that purpose now and into the future.      

Farm-to-table is in full effect in the heart of Blue Hill. In the kitchen you’ll see the pans of roast duck and a massive hen of the woods mushroom ready to be prepped for the night’s risotto. The setting is a sunny, window-lined kitchen with easy access to the herb garden and the solar-powered craft brewery, DeepWater Brewing Company, out back.

The Hikade brothers are cooking with Horsepower Farm carrots and apples, Carding Brook Farm mesclun (grown in Brooklin), and mussels, scallops, and clams from Blue Hill Bay. Every dish is gorgeously plated and served up at fireside tables in the front rooms of the white colonial that does have an arbor vine growing in a green arch over the front door.