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About Deepwater Brewing Company

Brewery Tours & Tastings: Thurs-Sat 2:30-4:00 (hours are seasonal)


DeepWater Brewing Co. is our very own solar powered three barrel microbrewery.  The brewery is located in our historic and newly renovated barn behind Arborvine. We hope to have the brewery open to the public for tours and tastings by mid-July as we work feverishly to finish up renovations.


At DeepWater we personally handcraft each and every beer from the best ingredients available. Right now, we serve our beers exclusively at Arborvine and DeepWater Brew Pub.


Being small allows us to experiment. We brew a number of styles and try to keep them rotating throughout the summer.


Primarily, we brew ales, namely: Pale Ale, Double IPA, Amber Ale, Porter, Wheat, and Brown. We do have a limited supply of Vienna Lager to start off the season. We hope to make it last through to August but it has quickly become a local favorite and is going fast. The reason for limited supply is because lagers ferment at a much lower temperature and need to condition for at least two months. We brewed this batch in March and it is in its absolute prime right now!